txtylz™ game

txtylz™ game - conversation at a new level. Caveman meets Shakespeare with an iPhone, how would they communicate? Jump out of the box and dive into a fun interactive, mind expanding game that will have you and your friends laughing. Made entirely in the USA with US hard wood, no dyes. This raw and organic plethora of txtylz™ can be played as a game or just used to say whatever you want, when you want. They will be treasured for generations in the family.

A great way to see how someone else thinks...and interacts. Be creative and think outside the box.

These are hand stamped here in the USA. Non-toxic dyes, organic solid wood maple end grain pieces. two sided for hours of conversation puzzles.

 Backorders will be shipped between Octo. 1-14 and after Oct 24, 2019



txtylz™ game (Int.Pat.Pend.) texting without the phone. Made in the USA. Wordplay outside the box.
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